Wall Street Journal

Iliad Makes Offer for T-Mobile US

French upstart telecommunications company Iliad has made an offer for T-Mobile US, in a bold bid to counter an offer for the country's fourth-largest wireless carrier by Sprint.... [more]

1 hour ago BBC 1 hour ago

Keeping the cyber thieves at bay

Keeping cyber thieves' paws off your... [more]

2 hours ago Computerworld Pthibodeau@computerworld.com (patrick Thibodeau) 2 hours ago

HP gives OpenVMS new life

Hewlett-Packard has changed its direction on OpenVMS, giving the operating system -- and users -- something of a... [more]

3 hours ago TechCrunch Sarah Buhr 3 hours ago

Play Chef With Forage's Twist On Restaurant Delivery

 San Francisco is a great town for foodies and Forage, the brain child of Foodzie founders Rob and Emily LaFave has emerged as an option for those who want to cook their favorite restaurant... [more]

3 hours ago VentureBeat Simon Cohen 3 hours ago

Why you can no longer trust any USB device plugged into your PC

Image Credit: Lighthunter/ShutterstockNOTE: GrowthBeat -- VentureBeat's provocative new marketing-tech event -- is a week away! We've gathered the best and brightest to explore the data, apps,... [more]

3 hours ago The Verge Josh Lowensohn 3 hours ago

San Francisco Airport testing beacon system for blind travelers

San Francisco Airport is testing out location-aware beacons to help visually-impaired people navigate around one of its newest terminals, a program it could roll out to the rest of the... [more]

4 hours ago GigaOM David Meyer 4 hours ago

Wunderlist becomes a platform, aiming to be "the home of all the world's lists"

Wunderlist 3 is a faster, slicker, more collaboration-friendly iteration of the popular productivity app. But it&#39s also the first step in a strategic shift for Berlin&#39s 6Wunderkinder.... [more]

5 hours ago TechCrunch Nicolas Vincent,alex Khadiwala 5 hours ago

TechCrunch Open Sources Its WordPress Async Task Library

 When we started working on the TechCrunch redesign last year, one of the major goals was to improve site performance. During the development process, we implemented several tools to help achieve... [more]

6 hours ago ExtremeTech Sebastian Anthony 6 hours ago

43Tbps over a single fiber: World's fastest network would let you download a movie in 0.2 milliseconds

A research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which was the first to break the one-terabit barrier in 2009, has today managed to squeeze 43 terabits per second over a single optical... [more]

6 hours ago TechCrunch Sarah Perez 6 hours ago

Audi Tests Self-Driving Cars On Florida's Roads

Self-driving cars are making their way to Florida. Well, to “connected car” testbeds in Florida, that is. Automaker Audi was recently the first to try out a section of highway in... [more]

6 hours ago Krebs on Security Briankrebs 6 hours ago

Sandwich Chain Jimmy John's Investigating Breach Claims

Sources at a growing number of financial institutions in the United States say they are tracking a pattern of fraud that indicates nationwide sandwich chain Jimmy John’s may be the latest... [more]

7 hours ago TechCrunch Matt Burns 7 hours ago

Pure Storage's Scott Dietzen And Sutter Hill's Mike Speiser To Talk About Building For The Long Term At Disrupt SF

 Pure Storage is upending the enterprise storage industry by fully utilizing flash memory technology into their product. Scott Dietzen, the current CEO of Pure Storage, and Mike Speiser, managing... [more]

7 hours ago Between the Lines 7 hours ago

Microsoft ordered to hand over overseas email, throwing EU privacy rights in the fire

US law can apply anywhere in the world, so long as a technology company has control over foreign data, a court rules.... [more]

7 hours ago Wired 7 hours ago

Hackers Can Control Your Phone Using a Tool That's Already Built Into It

A lot of concern about the NSA’s seemingly omnipresent surveillance over the last year has focused on the agency’s efforts to install back doors in software and hardware. Those efforts are... [more]

7 hours ago MacRumors Juli Clover 7 hours ago

Microsoft's Office for iPad Apps Gain New Picture Tools, Fonts, and Ability to Send Files as PDFs

Microsoft\&#39s Office for iPad apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint received a major update today that adds several new user-requested features to each app. All three apps have gained the... [more]

7 hours ago TechCrunch Anthony Ha 7 hours ago

RockYou Raises $10M In Debt As It Shifts To Buying And Monetizing Existing Games

 RockYou, once known as a leading social games developer before hitting rough times and making multiple rounds of layoffs, has recently become focused on buying up existing web, social, and... [more]

7 hours ago Wired 7 hours ago

PlayStation Unleashes Its Game Streaming Service on North America

The secret to selling gamers on PlayStation Now, says David Perry, is to not tell them what it... [more]

8 hours ago CNET Roger Cheng 8 hours ago

Why T-Mobile figures it will steal more customers with iPhone 6

T-Mobile believes the pieces are in place for the company to benefit from iPhone switchers after the... [more]

8 hours ago BBC 8 hours ago

Israeli Iron Dome firms 'hacked'

The BBC has seen evidence that appears to confirm hackers stole secret military documents from two Israeli government-owned... [more]

8 hours ago Wired 8 hours ago

Finally, a Way to Teach Coding to the Touchscreen Generation

First came Generation X. Then the Millennials. And if you have kids under 10, you already know what they’re going to be called: the Touchscreen Generation. For these kids, who learned to walk... [more]

9 hours ago The Verge Ben Popper 9 hours ago

The drone you should buy right now

The word drone has a lot of different meanings: military craft, research tool, delivery robot. But for the average civilian, drone means a high-tech toy. Maybe you’ve seen one flying at... [more]

9 hours ago IEBlog Ieblog 9 hours ago

The Mobile Web should just work for everyone

The Mobile Web should just work for everyone Windows Phone 8.1 Update includes hundreds of Internet Explorer 11 enhancements that greatly increase compatibility with the mobile web. Based on your... [more]

10 hours ago GigaOM Stacey Higginbotham 10 hours ago

The NFL will track players with RFID for better stats in real time

Thanks to RFID tags inside football players' shoulder pads, the internet of things is about to change the way the National Football League collects stats. The NFL will track players with RFID for... [more]

10 hours ago TechCrunch Sarah Perez 10 hours ago

Nordstrom Acquires Men's Shopping Service Trunk Club

 Personal styling service for men, Trunk Club, has been acquired by Nordstrom for an undisclosed amount. The five-year old Chicago-based startup offers a subscription-based service... [more]

11 hours ago Data Center Knowledge Jason Verge 11 hours ago

Hulu Chooses Cassandra Over HBase and Riak

Hulu surpassed the 6-million-paid-subscriber mark last April. The site is now accessible on 400 million internet-connected devices ranging from new consoles, Chromecast, to set-top boxes, such as... [more]

11 hours ago Computerworld Sgaudin@computerworld.com (sharon Gaudin) 11 hours ago

Vision-correcting display nixes your need for eyeglasses

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are working on computer screens that would adjust their images to accommodate individual user's visual needs. Think of it as a display that... [more]

11 hours ago Wall Street Journal 11 hours ago

Smartphones Next Frontier in Cybersecurity

Smartphone security will be a focus of the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week as hackers develop new techniques to take over devices without alerting the... [more]

11 hours ago The Next Web Jon Russell 11 hours ago

Facebook's Internet.org begins offering basic internet services for free in Africa

Facebook’s Internet.org group has kicked its mission to provide global internet access up a notch after announcing the launch of its first app in Zambia, Africa. The app provides... [more]

11 hours ago 9to5Mac Mike Beasley 11 hours ago

Shazam for Mac brings instant music recognition and more to your menu bar

Shazam, the popular music identification app for iOS that was recently integrated into iOS 8’s updated version of Siri, has launched a new Mac... [more]

11 hours ago Bloomberg 11 hours ago

Coke Confronts Its Big Fat Problem

Coca-Cola’s North America president, Sandy Douglas, oversees a relaunch of America’s No. 1 soft drink... [more]

11 hours ago A VC Fred Wilson 11 hours ago

The Scourge Of Zero Rating

It seems like every week I read another article about a mobile carrier offering some incredible deal to eat the mobile data costs you rack up using certain apps. The most recent was the news that... [more]

11 hours ago Guardian Allan Blair 11 hours ago

Wearable technology hasn't taken off in the way it was expected to why not?

Concerns around cost and style are holding consumers back, plus we already have the perfect device the smartphone Continue... [more]

12 hours ago ZDNet 12 hours ago

IBM snaps up Italian cloud security vendor CrossIdeas

IBM is adding more troops for its assault on the enterprise security market - this time with an Italian vendor giving it tools to handle segregation of... [more]

12 hours ago TechCrunch Ron Miller 12 hours ago

PagerDuty Lands $27.2M In Series B To Simplify IT Incident Management

 PagerDuty, a 5-year old IT incidents management startup, announced $27.2M in Series B funding today led by Bessemer Venture Partners with help from early round investors Andreessen... [more]

13 hours ago ArsTechnica Ars Staff 13 hours ago

Inside Citizen Lab, the "Hacker Hothouse" protecting you from Big Brother

Citizen Lab / Aurich Lawson It was May of 2012 at a security conference in Calgary, Alberta, when professor Ron Deibert heard a former high-ranking official suggest... [more]

14 hours ago Wired 14 hours ago

Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken

Computer users pass around USB sticks like silicon business cards. Although we know they often carry malware infections, we depend on antivirus scans and the occasional reformatting to keep our... [more]

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