35 minutes ago The Next Web Jackie Dove 35 minutes ago

Creatic lets you crowdshare presets to build unique images

Most artists rely on their imagination to generate fresh creative concepts. But for times when the right side of the brain fails to furnish a thought worth reproducing, seeking outside influence... [more]

1 hour ago GigaOM Derrick Harris 1 hour ago

The internet of things is becoming the next cloud battleground

As the competition among cloud computing providers steps up, so is interest in the internet of things. More connected devices -- perhaps especially by governments rolling thousands at a time -- should... [more]

1 hour ago TechCrunch Neill Occhiogrosso 1 hour ago

Security Will Need Big Insight, Not Just Big Data

 In looking for new opportunities in security, and many sectors, we look for the echoes of the current IT mega-trends: cloud, mobile, big data. These trends, and especially the interactions... [more]

7 hours ago TechCrunch Josh Constine 7 hours ago

CurrentC Is The Big Retailers' Clunky Attempt To Kill Apple Pay And Credit Card Fees

 Long before Apple Pay, big brick-and-mortar retail chains were conspiring to sidestep the typical 2% to 3% fees they’re charged by credit card companies when consumers pay with credit. A... [more]

8 hours ago GigaOM Mathew Ingram 8 hours ago

Twitpic says it has reached a deal with Twitter, images and domain will continue to exist

After a series of announcements -- in which the service said it was shutting down, being acquired by an unnamed company, and then shutting down again -- Twitpic says it has reached a deal with Twitter... [more]

10 hours ago NYTimes Bits Quentin Hardy 10 hours ago

The Robot in the Cloud: A Conversation With Ken Goldberg

Robots are going to get smarter and more capable, fast, according to a leading researcher in the field. The reason: Whatever one robot encounters and learns about the world can be sent to the cloud... [more]

12 hours ago ZDNet 12 hours ago

Top Android news of the week: Nokia Here, smarter music, new Gmail

Big news this week in the world of Android included a significant app release by Nokia, smart playlists from Google Play Music, Gmail for Android catching up with the competition, and the Fire Phone... [more]

15 hours ago TechCrunch Jordan Crook 15 hours ago

Google's New Skybox For Good Program Gives Real-Time Satellite Imagery To Non-Profits

 On the heels of acquiring satellite startup Skybox in August, Google and Skybox have announced the Skybox for Good program, which will provide real-time satellite imagery to organizations and... [more]

15 hours ago MacRumors Eric Slivka 15 hours ago

CVS Stores Reportedly Disabling NFC to Shut Down Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Earlier this week, pharmacy chain Rite Aid shut down unofficial support for the Apple Pay and Google Wallet mobile payments systems, resulting in an outcry from users who have been testing out... [more]

16 hours ago A VC Fred Wilson 16 hours ago

Video Of The Week: Computer Science Is A Liberal Art

I love this bit from Steve Jobs. It’s a clip from Cringely’s interview which I blogged a couple weeks ago. This clip is only 53 seconds so everyone can spare that minute and watch it.... [more]

16 hours ago Computerworld Mike Elgan 16 hours ago

Why Google wants to replace Gmail

I'm predicting that Google will end Gmail within the next five years. The company hasn't announced such a move -- nor would it. But whether we like it or not, and whether even Google knows... [more]

18 hours ago The Next Web Paul Sawers 18 hours ago

Chrome and Firefox flag Bit.ly links as malware

Having issues accessing Bit.ly links? You’re not alone. It seems many internet users are being greeted with this following message when accessing links that emanate from the popular... [more]

yesterday TechCrunch Greg Kumparak yesterday

Don't Open Random PowerPoint Presentations From Strangers Right Now (Or Ever, Really)

 Heads up! In what feels like a throwback to the late 90s/early 2000’s, Microsoft has discovered one helluva bug in Microsoft Office. Executed properly, the bug could be exploited to take... [more]

yesterday The Verge Chris Welch yesterday

Brookstone puts up pre-order page for Fitbit Surge before it's been announced

Fitbit still hasn't gotten around to officially announcing its new $250 Surge fitness watch, but the company's retail partners are no longer waiting around. An apparent... [more]

yesterday NYTimes Bits Conor Dougherty yesterday

Nest Buys Revolv, Maker of Smart Appliance Manager

Recently, Nest has been delving deeper into integrating its products with other smart... [more]

yesterday The Verge Chris Welch yesterday

This man just sold Ebola.com for $200,000

Just a few weeks ago, businessman Jon Schultz was hoping to capitalize on news headlines around the globe and wanted to sell the Ebola.com domain for around $150,000. He's managed to... [more]

yesterday GigaOM Derrick Harris yesterday

Twitter open sources an anomaly-detection tool

Twitter has open sourced a tool that it uses to detect spikes in time-series data, in order to make sure it’s able to react to issues with its servers, applications or other systems... [more]

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