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The Future Of Biometric Marketing

 The current smartwatch and fitness device space is stagnant. The offerings and the devices are a commoditized mess with companies competing for the same consumers – with the same features.... [more]

1 hour ago TorrentFreak Ernesto 1 hour ago

Pirate Bay Domain Back Online, Waving a Pirate Flag

On December 9 The Pirate Bay was raided at the Nacka station, a nuclear-proof data center built into a mountain complex near Stockholm. Despite the rise of various TPB clones and rumors of... [more]

1 hour ago eWeek 1 hour ago

How NetApp CTO Jay Kidd Views Storage Trends for 2015

He explains why the IoT and big data will play major roles in storage, why dockers will become strategic, and why it's all about control in hybrid... [more]

2 hours ago CNET Richard Nieva 2 hours ago

The peculiar star of the Sony hack: Email

The massive hack has raised questions about First Amendment rights, privacy and cyberwarfare. But there's a subtler issue at play when we look at all the news stories that have come from hacked... [more]

12 hours ago VentureBeat Jordan Novet 12 hours ago

5 deep learning startups to follow in 2015

It’s been a huge year for a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have all acquired startups that deal in deep learning, which entails training... [more]

16 hours ago TorrentFreak Ernesto 16 hours ago

Twitter Suspends Account of Torrent Release Group ETRG

The ExtraTorrent Release Group, or ETRG for short, is one of the best known sources for pirated movies. The group releases dozens of popular films on various torrent sites each week and has a steady... [more]

20 hours ago TechCrunch Marc Canter 20 hours ago

The Internet Of Things Is Not A Shiny New Toy

 The Internet of Things is the latest, greatest new buzzword du jour and every major technology company, industrial manufacturer, big retailer and health industry player has declared the IoT to... [more]

21 hours ago ArsTechnica Cyrus Farivar 21 hours ago

Judge: It's OK for cops to create fake Instagram accounts

A federal judge in New Jersey has signed off on the practice of law enforcement using a fake Instagram account in order to become "friends" with a suspect—thus obtaining photos and other... [more]

22 hours ago GigaOM Steve Herrod, General Catalyst Partners 22 hours ago

Where is enterprise infrastructure headed in 2015?

The enterprise industry is another year older … and hopefully somewhat wiser. Here’s what enterprise watchers should expect to see in 2015. More cyber attacks Sadly, this is an easy one.... [more]

23 hours ago TechCrunch Jon Evans 23 hours ago

Why Is Yahoo Still So Bad At The Basics?

 I’m reluctant to cite what I’m about to cite. It’s scathing. It’s scurrilous. It’s caustic criticism that seems often overblown and, in some cases, deliberately... [more]

yesterday TechCrunch Alison Derbenwick Miller yesterday

Transforming The Conversation On Women In Computer Science

 Barbie and Mattel made news recently in the world of computer science. While initial reaction to Mattel’sBarbie “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book focused on all-too-common... [more]

yesterday GeekWire Bill Schrier yesterday

Inside the Seattle Police hackathon: A substantial first step

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) held its first-ever hackathon on Friday. The event was focused on a single problem: How to redact the video streams recorded by police officers from their dashcams... [more]

yesterday The Verge Ross Miller yesterday

Listen to Madonna rap every illuminati buzzword in one of her six new songs

Combating the full leak of her then-unannounced album Rebel Heart this past Wednesday, Madonna has decided to officially release the first six tracks, including the Nicki Minaj... [more]

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